Reiki is a beautiful yet powerful form of energetic healing, which helps remove emotional blockages and re-energise the body. Reiki energy, can alleviate stress, tension and aid in relaxation.
It is administered with the laying on of hands over energy points of the body.

At Health Renovation you can book a Reiki appointment and experience the healing energy of Reiki or learn the Japanese art of Reiki, to utilise it for yourself and others whenever you want.



By learning Reiki I through Health Renovation you will be able to gain access to the universal life-force energy to heal yourself and others. The course is run over 1 day. Learn the history of Reiki, become attuned to the life-force energy, learn healing and meditation techniques for centering and grounding the body, mind and spirit.

The training will end with the understanding of how to heal yourself and then the work you can do for others. There is a huge practical element to this course as experience is greater than knowledge as with any energetic healing.


The next level of Reiki takes you on a deeper more spiritual journey, opening up the third eye and really getting in touch with your bodies energy centers or chakras. Healing symbols are covered in this seminar, also the use of absent and distant healing. Learn how to tap into the subconscious, access past lives and cleanse your energy field.

To book in for a Reiki healing or enquire about learning Reiki 1 or 2, call Mark on 0412 567 614 or use the form on the contact page.