Matrix Regeneration Therapy (MRT) is a treatment similar to Chinese cupping whereby direct current (1V) and suction is used to stimulate the immune system, lymphatic system and circulation to aid in detoxification of the body.

The 1V charge is applied to the skin through a set of rollers to help alkalise the tissue and return the body to normal metabolism.

The benefits of Matrix Regeneration Therapy are:
• Stimulation of the immune system
• Lymphatic activation and removal of toxins via the lymph
• Increased blood flow in the periphery
• Muscle relaxation

The lymphatic system unlike our circulation doesn’t have a pump (the heart) to move around the body, the lymph system gets stimulated and activated through movement.

How does Matrix Regeneration Therapy work?

A partial vacuum is generated to loosen deposits and toxins in the tissues and direct them into the lymphatic system for expulsion.
While the suction of toxins is occurring, a roller electrode, a weak voltage current is conducted into the tissue, whereby excessive currents within the affected tissues are removed. Toxins are not only affecting us negatively through physical manner, but also through their energetic quality. This is why highly toxic patients show neuronal disorders and hormonal imbalances, and in turn allergies. The reversed polarity of the tissue becomes alkaline again, which is a precondition for normal metabolic functioning.
Extinguishes the toxins’ pathological frequencies and underlying disturbance fields and relieves the immune and oscillatory system.